Avocado Clay Mask Uses And Types

Avocado Clay Mask-Types and Uses

Nowadays, many of the people are suffering from the oily skin. We are in a situation to apply the mask on the face. Without wearing the mask, our skin can’t be able to tolerate the severe sunlight and various climatic conditions. Avocado clay mask uses can get you a remedy from the oily skin and other skin related problems.

Avocado Clay Mask Uses And Types

As the avocado seems to be the natural one, it can be used by all the people without any hesitation.  The flavors of the mask differ from people to people and are based on the skin types of the people. Rather than using chemicals, you can apply the mask to make your skin look better.

It acts as a preventive barrier for all skin disorders. Some of them are not aware of how to prepare this mask in the home.  Within a few minutes, you can make this clay.

Avocado clay mask uses

The mask is prepared by mixing the avocado with clay, which is used to nourish the skin. The mask helps to provide soft and clear skin to the people. As the vitamin E is present on the mask, it acts as a moisturizing agent.  The mask can be applied to the face, hair, etc.

It is used as an anti-aging agent and it helps to keep you always young and helps to reduce the wrinkles. The juice of avocado keeps your body healthy.  It reduces the inflammation in the skin.  The ripe avocado mask makes your skin glossy and is used to treat the dehydrating skin.

Uses Of Clay

The clay mask plays a very important role in absorbing the natural sebum from the skin and offers the soft skin to the people.  It eliminates the dead cells by encouraging the circulation of the skin and gives a healthy glow to the skin.  The cosmetic clays are available in different kinds and in various colors.


Avocado clay mask can be prepared at home by adding egg yolk, ripe avocado, witch hazel and fuller’s earth.

How To Prepare The Mask?

Peel the avocado and combine it with the remaining ingredients.  Mash the mixture until it becomes soft. It is highly recommended to form the combination as a paste form. Then apply it on your face and in the neck.

You should be very careful of not applying the mask on your eyes. Otherwise, it produces some irritation.  Leave them for about 10 to 20 minutes without touching. Finally, wash it off with the warm water and soft warm wash cloth.  Then, pat the skin dry with a clean towel. At last, you can apply the moisturizer on your face.

The sensitive skin persons can apply the avocado clay mask on their face as it won’t produce any irritations to them.


Avocado clay mask plays a very important role in removing the oils from the skin.  The clay and avocado are used to absorb the sebum. It provides a shiny skin.  Witch hazel is a natural product used to improve the condition of the skin. Not only, avocado is used to provide  many  medicinal benefits but also,  it is considered as an important ingredient  for the natural clay mask to give the elegant  appearance to the skin.  The mask is used  to purify the skin.

Different Types Of  Avocado Clay Mask

The types of avacado clay mask that can be prepared easily includes,

Avocado  and White Kaolin Clay Mask 

  • Ingredients

The mask can be prepared  with the help of ingredients like ripe avocado, kaolin clay, and rose water.

  • Preparation

Mash  the ripe avocado to form the paste . Mix the kaolin clay with the paste  of avocado and add some amount of rose water in it. You should apply the mask on the face and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes.  After that, rinse the mask with warm water.

  • Uses

It suits the sensitive and dry skinned people. But, it doesn’t extract the oil from the skin. The essential nutrients in the mask help to improve the circulation of the blood. It is used to treat the redness of the skin and provide better brightness to the skin.  The mask is used to  nourish the skin with  minerals and  give relief from the harmful toxins.

Avocado  And Moroccan Red Clay Mask

  • Ingredients

 It includes ingredients like Moroccan red clay, rose water, and mashed avocado.

  • Preparation

Mix the mashed avocado with the remaining ingredients to form a paste to be smooth and soft. Apply the combination on the face with brush or with fingers in the affected areas of the  face and in the neck. After the mask gets dried, washed it off with warm water.

  • Uses

It is used to treat blackheads and clogged pores on the face and to enhance the skin.  As this clay is a rich source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and silica, it acts as a detoxifying agent and helps to cleanse the skin by eliminating the unwanted dust from it.

Avocado, Clay and Egg Mask

  • Ingredients

Avocado, clay, and egg mask can be prepared by egg yolk, crushed avocado, green clay and hazel floral water.

  • Preparation

Mix the pulp of avocado with the yolk of the egg and produce the homogeneous mass.  In another bowl, combine the green clay with witch hazel floral water. Then, mix the ingredients in two bowls. Finally, add some more witch hazel floral water. This mask has to be applied on the scalp.  After it gets dried, wash the hair with shampoo.

  • Uses

Green clay helps to absorb the excess sebum on the scalp. The avocado is used to provide moisture  to your  hair  by removing the heat,  which can be caused by using some of the chemical cosmetics. As the witch hazel has disinfectant and deodorizing properties, it  plays  a very important  role in improving the condition of the scalp.


Be aware of avoiding applying it on the sensitive areas of the face near the nose, and eyes as it causes inflammation, redness, itching, irritations, etc.  Once the mask gets dried, you have to wash off with warm water on the face or with shampoo on the hair.

You can try this method to get the best results. If you like this article, you are always welcome to provide feedback.