Aztec Clay Mask For Hair- Directions To Use

Aztec Clay Masks For Hair

Many people all over the world give prime importance to beauty. They take various measures to treat their face and hair. To keep the face clean without pimples and infections, their hair should be kept clean and maintained in a proper way.

Aztec Clay Mask For Hair

Clay masks are generally considered as face masks that can treat the face effectively. Such clay masks can be used for hair treatment also as it cleans the hair completely and gives an elegant look to the hair.

Clay Mask For Hair

Clay masks can be applied to the hair as a cleanser. Applying clay mask in hair will nourish the hair with essential nutrients and keeps them soft. Not all the clay masks can be used in the hair, the clay masks with bentonite clay are the hair cleansers and is used by many people.

Aztec Clay Mask For Hair

Aztec clay mask is a clay mask made up of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. This clay mask can be used to treat any infections and irritations in the face. Other than this, the mask can also be used for treating hair. The nutrient with the mask nourishes the hair and supplies all the essential nutrients required by the hair. Hence this mask can be used for maintenance and growth of the hair. The following are the essential ingredients required for the clay mask.

  • Apple cider vinegar or water
  • Essential oil or honey
  • Plastic, wood or ceramic mixing bowl

Directions For Use

Follow the directions to use the clay mask efficiently.

How To Make Clay Mixture?

Take Aztec clay mask in a bowl; use a non-metallic bowl because the metallic bowl will affect the efficiency of the clay. Choose the amount of clay according to your hair density. If you have a long hair, you will require more clay and if your hair is short, then you may require less. Choose the correct amount of clay and place it in a bowl.

Add apple cider vinegar to it. We can also use water instead of apple cider vinegar, but using vinegar is effective than water. While pouring vinegar into the bowl, the clay will start to fizz, but fizzing determines that the clay is normal. Mix this mixture with the help of a non-metallic spoon to form a smooth paste.

Now add essential oil of your choice or honey to your mixture. This step is optional, and by adding oil to the mixture, the nutrient content in the mixture gets increased. This will give hair strength and growth. After this, mix the mixture completely till it forms a smooth paste.

How To Apply?

  • Make your hair wet.
  • Apply the clay mixture to the wet hair because the mixture will spread to all the regions in the wet hair.
  • Rub it along with all the regions of the scalp.
  • Soon after applying, cover your head with a plastic cap. With this, the moisture content will remain within the hair.
  • Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it.
  • Rinse it completely, this step needs care but improper rinsing will damage your hair to a great extent.
  • After rinsing, clean the hair with a towel.


This clay nourishes the dull hair with nutrients. It suits the best for the people with curly hair because it elongates and defines the curls. The clay also helps in hair growth and keeps your scalp clean and neat. People who use this product with honey will have a silky feel in their hair.

So, use Aztec clay mask for hair and maintain your hair easily. Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.