Black Clay Mask For Beauty Enhancement

Black Clay For Beauty Masking

The black clay mask is one of the preferable choices to beautify the skin surface such to remove the blackheads, acne, scars, pimples, and blemishes. The black clay powder is generally denser and can be used for long duration.

This type of clay is strongly recommended for itsĀ anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, cleansing purpose, and anti-aging properties. It is the rejuvenating clay mask which tends to make the skin surface look more beautiful and younger.

Black Clay Mask

Features Of The Black Clay Mask

The black clay mask is versatile in nature and is suited for all kinds of the skin. It helps to rescue the skin surface against the effect of wrinkles, tuning, and aging. The black clay mask consists of the powerful ingredients such as strontium, silica, iron, calcium and magnesium which possess active ability to eliminate the acnes and pimples. The black clay mask is the classy type mask that is creamy in consistency. It acts as the moisturizing and whitening cream to reduce the blackheads formation.

Why Black Clay Mask Is So Beneficial?

  • It consists of the anti-aging property to eliminate the formation of the wrinkles, turning and aging.
  • The black clay mask powder produces pleasant fragrance.
  • It helps to dry the oil skin types thereby, eliminates the sebaceous gland formation.
  • Efficient in treating the acne, pores, and blemishes which are well suited for all kinds of skin surfaces as it is tested by dermatological conditions.
  • It nourishes the skin surface with the improvement of blood circulation.
  • It creates an oil free skin surface to give a soft, smooth, and clean feel on the skin region.
  • It helps to avoid the reddish spots created by the toxic pollutants present in the surroundings.
  • It usually constitutes the ability to penetrate the pores, to reduce the acne formations.
  • Drive away the excess amount of oil and the dirt out from the pores.

How To Apply The Black Clay Mask Over The Skin?

Applying the black clay mask over the skin surface is an easy task which is further described as below.

  • Select the best suited black clay mask powder and then mix well in a plastic bowl, to make the ingredients diluted to creamy consistency at the room temperature.
  • After mixing, apply the pinch of the clay cream to the wrist for checking the allergic reaction. If it is suitable to your skin, then continue to apply.
  • Make sure that it is properly spread over the skin region without touching the portion of skin around the eyes.
  • Leave it on the skin for about half an hour and rinse it thoroughly with fresh warm water.
  • Repeat this procedure twice a week to flourish the skin surface healthier.