How to Choose the Right Clay Mask for Your Skin Type


The clay is one of the natural substances which present on the silicates of the earth and it contains many minerals, nutrients, trace elements etc. If you apply the layer of clay over the skin, then it will absorb all the impurities, toxins and excess oil from your skin. It helps to increase the skin’s elasticity, improves circulation, exfoliate the dead cells and much more.


There are many clays are stocked in the beauty shelves and it is difficult to identify the best one for your skin type. The formulation and compositions of ingredients are different for each product under the category clay mask. The right clay for your skin type helps to cleanse the blocked pores without leaving your skin dry.

The Clay Mask for Different Skin Type

When you apply the face mask it will nourish your skin by injecting the powerful ingredients deep into the cells whether it is a homemade or readymade clay mask. First, you have to find the skin type and choose the product accordingly so that you can get the good result. In this article, you can get more idea about how to select the clay mask for your skin type.

1) A Clay Mask for Oily Skin

The goal of the clay mask which is specially made for the oily skin should remove excess oil from the skin and it helps to maintain the skin’s texture. Usually, people with oily skin contain many blocked pores and the right clay mask definitely pulls out all the dirt.

The white clay is best for oily skin and it includes minerals such as magnesium, Calcium, Silica and Zinc. It helps in removing allergens from the skin because it has disinfectant properties and reduces all the infections.

The green clay also does wonders for oily skin it removes and balances the oil of your skin. Take the requires amount of clay in the non-metallic bowl then mix it with the water and try to add few drops of rose water to achieve the best result.

2) A Clay Mask for Normal Skin

It is difficult to find the perfect product for the normal skin and the mixture of the ingredients should light without much drying or moisturizing agents. For the combination skin, you can include additional products like honey and turmeric to the mixture in order to get the effective result.

The yellow clay is the best for this type of skin and it provides more health benefits same as that of other wonderful clays. The unique property of this is that it has mild exfoliation benefits for removing the damaged cells and restores the nutrients into the skin.

3) A Clay Mask for Dry Skin

It is important to apply mask regularly for the dry skin problem and the perfect clay helps in enhancing the texture of the tissue. After using the moisturizing product, you can see the flaky skin cells at the end of the day, so it is necessary to use the clay mask to nourish your skin. The mixture should act as the effective moisturizer and it also helps to provide hydration.

The negative charge of the bentonite clay absorbs all the toxins and it improves the overall health of the skin. This clay contains magnesium which is one of the amazing ingredients for healing the infections, burns and cuts. Try to add a few drops of moisturizing oil to the mixture before applying it over the face and it will prevent your skin from getting dry.

Prepare Your Skin before Applying a Clay Mask

Try to follow the below three steps for preparing your skin before using the clay and to get the fresh looking skin.

Step 1: Remove Make-Up

If you are going to apply the clay mask, then it is necessary to clean your face remove your makeup using some oil. It helps in regulating the secretion of sebum from the skin and the essential fatty acid helps to nourish the skin. Then after few minutes, wash your face with the warm water.

Step 2: Cleanse

To eliminate the residue of pollutants, allergens or oil cleanse your face with the cleansing agent. Dip the cotton wool on the cleanser or milk and apply it gently over the face in circular motion. Then wash it off with the water.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Once you cleanse your face, apply the scrub and distribute it using the circular movement to remove all the damaged or dead cells. The clear skin helps in penetrating the nutrients which is present in the clay.

Now, your skin is ready for applying your favorite clay mask.

Bottom Line

The different types of clay offer different benefits for your skin and it is important to know the purpose of each clay mask before choosing the right product for your skin. Don’t forget to share your feedback through the comment section below.

7 Clay Mask for a Full Body Detox


The air in the environment contains very minute dust particles and it reaches your skin easily when you step out of your home. Then it will cause many problems like acne, rashes, eczema and many other skin diseases.


The clay and the water which is available in our mother earth is the best healing remedies for all the skin problems. The clay mask attracts all the negative charge from the body and it provides complete relaxation.

7 Best Masks for a Full Body Detox

It is important to detox your skin after a long busy day for removing the toxins and the clay acts as a magical medicine for both internal and external healings. You can also add some essential oils to the clay to boost the cells of your body and it helps to maintain the skin’s PH value.

Here you can find the top clay masks available in the market with high positive reviews from the customers.

1) Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask from FormulaX

This is one of the best clay masks out there and provides flawless skin within 10 minutes. The skin clay mask absorbs all the impurities and the essential oil restores the smooth skin. The best formula of the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Mask helps to improve the elasticity of the skin by boosting the collagen and it also helps in tightening the skin pores.


You can use this product easily just apply the clay mask directly into the skin without mixing it with the water and wash it off after few minutes. You will get a clear skin and try to use it at least twice in a month to achieve the best result.

2) Pure Bentonite Clay Power from Honeydew

This type of clay mask provides full spa treatment and the bentonite clay absorbs the toxin which is slowly accumulated on your skin. This product does wonders for all types of skin and it will not create any problem for the people with sensitive skin. It contains many minerals like potassium, manganese and magnesium for cleaning the skin naturally.


Take a required amount of clay in a bowl and mix it with the water if you want to get additional benefits, and then add a few drops of essential oil like lavender. This is the excellent clay for exfoliating the skin and it removes all dead cells from the body.

3) Glacial Marine Clay from Oshi Glows

This type of clays is green in color with many beneficial minerals for improving the overall health of the body both internally and externally. This is one of the unique clay from Oshi Glows and it helps to maintain the PH of the skin. Moreover, it contains micro-nutrients for providing the natural glow and it is mainly extracted from the marine phytoplankton.

Oshi Glows

It opens the blocked pores and helps to penetrate the nutrients deep into the cells. You can use this powerful clay in different ways like a mask, body scrub, toothpaste and body wraps. The interesting feature of this is that it will cure all the infections, cuts and burns etc.

4) Rhassoul Clay Powder from Aromine

The Rhassoul clay helps in absorbing all the dirt and excess oil from the skin. You can also use this product daily as a shampoo, soap and mask. The clinical study shows that the Rhassoul clay has the ability to increase the skin elasticity naturally and it also reduces the skin dryness.


Add some home ingredients to this product and use it to exfoliate the skin. Mix it with water to get the silky paste and apply it to the hair and wash your hair after one minute to get a healthy hair.

5) Bentonite Clay with Turmeric and Clove Powder from Bael Wellness

This mask provides natural glowing skin without any side effects if you mix this clay with the liquid, the strong negative charge of the bentonite attracts all the impurities and toxins from the body. The best part this is that it contains both cloves and turmeric powder which acts as an antiseptic.

Bael Wellness

This product helps in rejuvenation and it removes all the bothersome marks, scars and blackheads. The bentonite clay comes with minerals like silica, sodium and calcium etc. You can also mix it with your favorite essential oil and apply a layer over the face to get the even tone.

6) Illite Green Clay Super Fine Powder from ProVida

The green clays are collected from the illite deposits and it is used as an alternative medicine for many health problems. It includes minerals like iron oxides and micro-nutrients for restoring the nutrients into the body cells.


The decomposed seaweeds are added to this product in order to reduce the aging of the skin. If you apply this product, the magnetic property of the green clay absorbs all the toxins and improves the circulation of the blood to boost the cells.

7) Blue Healing Clay Powder with Silver Irons from Phytocosmetic

The blue clay is rich in minerals and it also has therapeutic values. It helps in cleansing the skin and provides required nourishment for the regeneration of new cell. Take some green clay in the non-metallic bowl and mix it with warm until it gets the creamy consistency.


Apply it over the body in the form of the mask and let it dry for 15 minutes. Then wash your face and body with the warm water to get the gorgeous face naturally. Moreover, it reduces the fat deposits under the skin and increases the skin’s firmness. If you want to detox your body regularly, then use it at least twice in a week.

Bottom Line

The clay mask is the great way to detox the skin and it will pull all the toxins, dirt, impurities from the blocked pores. It is the wonderful healing remedy for all kind of skin problems, try any one of the above products and share us your experience.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask- Best Picks


The freeman feeling beautiful clay mask product is one of the best-textured cream available in today’s market. This clay mask product comes in a rich creamy consistency so as to get dried quickly and to tighten the skin surface.

This freeman feeling beautiful clay mask product helps to tighten the skin and heal the skin breakouts in an efficient manner. It helps to absorb the oil formation, which further creates the bacterial deposition over the skin region, during the summer season . Generally, it comes with the pleasant smell but, does not cause irritation and itching effect.

Best Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask – Review

List Of The Best Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask

This product comes in numerous verities such as masks, body mask, skin care treatment, and hair care treatment; they differ in the flavoring and healing properties. Most of them find difficult, to choose the best freeman facial clay mask that well suits with their face condition. To overcome this problem, this article will help you in such a way to choose the best freeman feeling beautiful clay mask for the skin surface.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask With Chocolate And Strawberry Flavor 

This clay mask is stuffed with the two major ingredients such as chocolate and strawberry, which provides pleasant smell during masking. It weighs about 175 ml of 6 fl oz concentration.

It is the best detoxifier that helps to pull out the skin dryness and pores, acnes, scars, dullness from the face skin. It is best for deep pore cleansing, which makes the skin surface more beautiful to feel fresh and soft.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful With Chocolate And Strawberry Flavor Facial Clay Mask

Key features – chocolate and strawberry flavor, skin dryness and skin dullness.

Pros – feel fresh, soften skin, smooth texture.

Freeman Mint And Lemon Flavored Facial Clay Mask

It is the beautiful clay mask, which outcomes with the measure of 150 ml of 6 fl oz concentration and help to control the excess oil formation and the skin breakouts. It provides relief over the inflammation and help to absorb the oil thereby, minimizes the pores on the skin surface.

Freeman Mint And Lemon Flavored Facial Clay Mask

Key features – mint and lemon flavor, skin breakouts, inflammation.

Pros – relief over inflammation, absorb excess oil formation.

Freeman Avocado And Oatmeal Facial Masque Purifier

This product helps in deep cleansing the dirt and impurities out of the pores and help to heal the large pores created on the skin surface. It is usually thick pale green colored paste that can be masked on the skin to refine the excess oil and dirt from the surface. It constitutes of the ultimate purification properties that help to cure the clogged pore inbuilt with the excess oil and impurities.

Freeman Avocado And Oatmeal Facial Masque Purifier

Key features – Avocado, oatmeal, ultimate purification.

Pros – remove excess oil, impurities.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Facial Mask

It comes out with a measure of about 150 ml with the concentration of 6 fl oz for hydrating and brightening the skin surface. It is designed to beautify the skin with brightened tone. This product is gently applied over the face and the neck region for about ten minutes by avoiding contact with the area around the portion of the eyes.

This product dries out easily and it can be used twice in a week, to nourish the skin surface. It helps to control the formation of the dark spots thereby, creates the hydrating and brightening effect on the skin surface.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Facial Mask

Key features – golden grain, brightening, hydrating.

Pros – control the dark spot formation, nourish the skin, and brighten the skin tone.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pomegranate Peel Off Facial Mask

This mask helps to refine the pores and purify the dirt and impurity formed within the pores. The pomegranate extract present in this product helps to enhance the ability of clarification and fortification of the skin surface.

This product has the major ingredient as the mega 8 complex compounds, which helps to immerse the skin surface with the rich natural nutrient mineral contents and it  helps to remove the dirt and excess sebum secretion from the skin surface.

The pomegranate extract promotes the antioxidant and safeguards the skin surface from the stress created by the surrounding pollutants. It helps to avoid the harmful free radical passage from the sun exposure.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pomegranate Peel Off Facial Mask

Key features – pomegranate, peeling mask, sebum secretion, clarification, and fortification.

Pros – promotes the antioxidant, remove stress over skin, provide rich nutrient contents.

These are the best freeman clay mask products. Purchase the one according to your wish.

Modeling Clay- 5 Best Picks Reviewed

5 Best Modeling Clay

Modeling clay is a type of clay that can be molded into different forms. These clays are used to make various types of sculptures. Most creative people use the modeling clay to prepare many creative things.

5 Best Modeling Clay

There are many types of modeling clays such as ceramic clay, oil-based clay, paper clay, and polymer clay. All these clays can be used effectively for developing the ideas of a person. The modeling clay is popular in many places and they have many uses.

Modeling Clay

Kids use modeling clay as a play thing. There are many types of modeling clay products, the important products among them are listed below.

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Sago Brothers Ultra Light Modeling Clay
Easy To Store$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
ALEX Toys Artist Studio 16 Modeling ClayNon-Toxic$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
ACTIVA Plus Clay Natural Self-Hardening ClayMinimum Shrinkage$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

PF Ultra-Light Plasticine Modeling Clay
High-Quality$4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling ClayMolds Easily$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Sago Brothers Ultra Light Modeling Clay

This clay is a specially designed product for kids. This product contains googly eyes, key chains, a ring mount, bead/ earring rods, clay cutting tools etc., this clay is non-toxic and it should be stored properly. The clay is very smooth, soft, and non-sticky. It stretches to a particular length and the clay is light in weight. The clay can be bent easily to various shapes and this kit contains 24 colors in it.

Sago Brothers Ultra Light Modeling Clay

Key features: contains googly eyes, clay cutting tools.

Pros :  bends easily, easy to store, and hardens within a day.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 16 Modeling Clay

This is also a modeling clay designed for junior sculptors. This clay is soft and it never dries out. It can be reshaped easily and comes in 16 super bright colors. This clay can be used by the children’s above three years of age. Further, this clay is non-toxic. This clay can shrink and change their shapes often. This clay is very useful and it suits the best for the budding sculptors.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 16 Modeling Clay

Key features: 16 bright colors, used by children, non-toxic.

Pros: bends easily, easy to use, and never dries.

ACTIVA Plus Clay Natural Self-Hardening Clay

This is a premium self-hardening air dry clay. This clay has an exceptional plasticity and ultra fine grade. This clay acts as the superior modeling clay for crafts and art projects. This clay can be easily designed with the help of the hand. This clay hardens itself within 24 hours and it offers superior strength and durability with minimum shrinking. This clay will produce a perfect finish and it will not crumble when dry.

ACTIVA Plus Clay Natural Self-Hardening Clay

Key features: air dry clay, exceptional plasticity, and strength.

Pros: Durable, minimum shrinkage, and perfect finish.

PF Ultra-Light Plasticine Modeling Clay

This clay suits the best for budding crafters and it varies in 24 different colors. This clay acts quickly and acts as a super alternative for the traditional ceramic firing process. This clay should be shaped into the desired shape and then cooled for making it rigid and durable. This product has CE approval and the clay is made up of high-quality products.

PF Ultra-Light Plasticine Modeling Clay

Key features: 24-different colors, suitable for budding crafters and CE approval.

Pros: High-quality, rigid and durable.

Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay

This is a mineral based non-hardening clay that has many advanced uses. This clay can be used in science projects, flower arrangements, and more. This is a never drying clay that never hardens into the desired shape. Hence, it can be molded easily into various shapes. This clay is nontoxic and is approved by ASTM D 4236. This clay can be used by the people of all ages.

Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay

Key features: non-hardening clay, molds easily and ASTM D 4236 approval.

Pros: used in science projects, flower arrangements and suitable for all ages.

These are the top 5 modeling clays available in the market. Hope this article is useful. If you have any ideas share it in the box given below.

Kaolin Clay Mask-4 Different Variations

4 Variations Of Kaolin Clay Mask

Clay is commonly found in many regions and they have many advanced properties. They can be used in construction and in making toys. Some clays have medicinal values and they are referred as medicinal clays. The Kaolin clay mask is  widely used for the cosmetic purposes.

4 Variations Of Kaolin Clay Mask

The medicinal clays can be used for face treatment, body treatment, hair treatment, oral treatment, etc. These clays can also be used for maintaining the health of the person. There are many types of medicinal clay such as kaolin, bentonite, French green clay etc.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is one of the healing clays, mainly used for treating skin problems. The kaolin clay can be further classified into various varieties based on their color. The different colors of kaolin clay are listed below.

  • White kaolin clay
  • Yellow kaolin clay
  • Red kaolin clay

Other than this, there is pink kaolin clay, which can be obtained by the mixture of red and white kaolin clay. The important use of the kaolin clay is with the clay mask. Other than this, the clay can also be used for treating diarrhea, poultice, and hair. All the types and varieties of kaolin clay have its own benefits and features. Their features are explained below.

What Are The 4 Different Variations of Kaolin Clay mask?

The different variations of kaolin clay mask include,

White Kaolin Clay

The widely preferred kaolin clay for oily skin and sensitive skin is the white kaolin clay. This clay is rich in silicon and aluminum silicate and is referred as the mildest of all the other clays. This clay is often used in soaps and shaving creams. The important benefits and medicinal uses of white kaolin clays are given below.


This clay mask can be used as a cleanser and as a scrubber. This clay will act deeply in the skin and will clear the skin completely. It also remineralizes the epidermis of the skin.

  • White kaolin clay mask prepared with honey, Aloe Vera oil, and water, will supply essential nutrients to the skin and will make the skin look energetic.
  • This clay mask acts effectively on the pores of the skin and minimizes them. Other than this, the clay mask will act effectively on the dry skin and remove the oil completely from the skin.
  • This clay can also be used as a beautifying agent in many places.

Medicinal Value

  • This clay helps to maintain the intestinal track of the digestive system properly.
  • It absorbs all the harmful microbes present within the digestive system.
  • This clay also acts as a gastric protector. It relieves the pain caused due to ulcer within the digestive system.
  • This clay reduces the inflammation and protects the mucous membrane.

Red Kaolin Clay

The red kaolin clay is known for its power and is commonly used in many places. This clay is rich in iron oxide. Some benefits and medical uses of this clay are given below.


  • This clay has a higher drawing power and hence, this clay can be used for acne prone skin and for the persons with oily skin types.
  • It can be used as an effective detoxifier as it removes harmful substances completely from the skin.

Medical Uses

  • As this clay is rich in iron, it can be used efficiently for treating the joint pains.
  • This powder can also be used for body baths as it will help to protect from various infections and diseases.
  • This clay also has an anti-inflammatory property and hence, it can be used effectively in treating inflamed gums.
  • This powder relieves pains and also reduces swelling in the areas affected with a contusion, hematoma, and bruises.

Yellow Kaolin Clay

The yellow kaolin clay has a soft texture and mild absorption. This clay can be used on any skin types and hence, it is used in many skin care varieties such as baby soaps and powders. This clay is rich in titanium, potassium, and silicon. The important benefits of this clay are given below.


Yellow kaolin clay protects the skin against the formation of radical cells. These radical cells cause aging.

  • This clay can also be used as a facial scrubber for removing the impurities from the skin.
  • It also stimulates circulation in the face and this will keep the face active and fresh.

Medicinal Uses

  • This clay can also be used for relieving pain in the case of bone problems and fatigue.
  • It can be used for curing muscles and ligaments.

Pink Kaolin Clay

This clay is a balanced blend of white and red kaolin clay and this clay is rich in aluminum oxide. The important benefits of this clay are listed below.


  • This clay normalizes the skin texture and helps the users to maintain their skin strength.
  • It removes all the toxins from the face and helps to keep the face clean.

Medicinal Uses

  • It stimulates circulation in the skin and hence, it is used in various skin treatments.
  • This clay can also be used along with bathing water as it will remove all the toxins from the body.

These are the various benefits and medical uses of kaolin clay mask. If you feel this article is useful, then share it with your friends.


Mayan Clay Mask- What Are Their Benefits?

Mayan Clay Mask Benefits

Using Mayan clay mask is a natural way to treat the skin problems, which is elaborated in Tulum Mexico. In the ancient  periods, people were using this type of clay mask, to  get rid of the skin disorders. It is one of the oldest and the best clay masks for facial skin and it acts as a medicine and provides many benefits to the health of the people.

Mayan Clay Mask Benefits

It can be applied on face, hair, and organs of the body. You can massage the clay on your body from top to toe.

Preparation Of Mayan Clay Mask

The preparation of the Mayan clay mask depends on the type of organs where we are going to use it. It varies from organs to organs. Suppose, if you are going to apply the mask on the face, you can mix the clay with honey.


  • Mayan clay mask is used to detoxes the skin which had the capacity to pull out the dirt and some other toxins which are released by the skin. It penetrates into the skin and supplies the essential nutrients to it. Thus, it makes the skin stay fresh. The mask helps to balance the electromagnetic energy field. It can be applied on the parts of the skin like abdomen, kidneys, and liver.
  • As it acts as a medicine, it is used to treat mosquito bites, acne, sunburn, eye burns, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin related problems.
  • Apply the Mayan clay on the spine nap of the neck, covering the central nervous system with the cotton cloth and allow it to dry. Repeat the process for twice a week, to get the best results. It helps in absorption of the minerals by the central nervous system.
  • It supplies the positive electrons, which are being absorbed by the skin and provides force to the body. The clay gives the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc, which helps to improve the condition of the body. On absorbing the minerals, the nerves will attain the relaxed state.
  • It helps to reduce the premature-aging related problems. The clay produces exfoliation and helps to remove the dead cells in a natural way. Thus, it regenerates the new cells to nourish your skin.
  • It is used to release the stress in the tense and in the contracted muscle. On doing the deep tissue massage with the help of the mayan clay, it can reinstate the movements and improve the flexibility of the muscles.
  • The massage with the mayan clay helps to remineralise the organs of the body. It offers a relaxation feeling and peace of mind to the people.

If you use it regularly, you will definitely notice the results within few intervals. If you like this article you can share it with your friends.

Freeman Facial Clay Masks- Top Rated Listed


Freeman facial clay masks are  being prepared with  some of the natural ingredients. So, it is the safest product that can be used by all skin types. Nowadays, many women started using the facial clay mask.

Five Best Freeman Facial Clay Masks

So, all the branded companies are manufacturing numerous varieties of clay masks to give the best one. But, freeman company offers the good ones when compared to others.But, how to select the best freeman clay masks?. Here, we have listed the Freeman clay masks products for you to try the one which offers the best results.

Best Freeman Facial Clay Masks

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Freeman Facial MasqueEasily Blend$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay MaskSafe To Use$5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask Natural ingredients$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avocado & OatmealBetter Protection$4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Purifying Facial MaskAnti-Oxidant$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Freeman Facial Mask

The product helps to remove the pores by penetrating into the skin and supplies the essential nutrients and minerals to it. By using this facial mask, even the larger pores can shrink into the smaller ones and after some days it automatically gets vanished. The mask sucks out the impurities which are lying beneath the skin. It consists of the botanical extracts which help to make the skin  better.

Freeman Facial Masque

Key features: Botanical extracts,

Pros: Clear the pores, removes the impurities.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask

The mask is  being made of the natural ingredients like mint and lemon and won’t produce any harm to the skin of the people. This mask is used to nourish the skin.  It controls the secretion of oils because it acts as a detoxifying agent.

It suits for all skin types. Thus, the sensitive skin persons prefer it the most. It provides a soothing effect  to the skin by clearing the skin related problems. So, it is the safest one to be used in the face.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask

Key features: Detoxifying agent.

Pros: Cures the skin problems, suits for all skin types, safe to use.

Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask

It can be used by both dry and normal skin types. As this clay mask seem to contain chocolate  and strawberry, It helps to keep the skin fresh. It plays a good role in improving the skin tone and provides a shiny skin top to the people.

The main thing about the mask is that it alleviates the appearance of the large pores. It helps to keep your  skin calm.

Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask

Key features: Natural and Botanical ingredients.

pros: Improves the tone of skin, provides a glowing skin.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal

The freeman facial clay mask with the avocado and oatmeal, is used to clear the skin.  It plays a good role in absorbing the sebum and clears the pores of the skin. By using this clay mask, within 2 days the pores get shrunk and after a week the pore gets vanished.   It penetrates into the skin and absorbs the impurities, which are the causes of the pores. The mask  helps to remove the oils and  provides essential nutrients to the skin. It provides moisture to the skin and keeps it fresh always.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal

Key feature: Natural compounds.

Pros: Protects the skin, safe to use.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Purifying Facial Mask

It helps to  pull out the oil and other impurities from the skin and provide a clear skin. The mask plays  a good role in purifying the face by removing the dust particles in it. As it acts as an antioxidant, it  improves the skin condition.  The mask  encourages the circulation of blood by removing the dead cells and regenerating the new cells.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Purifying Facial Mask

Key features: antioxidant, natural ingredients.

Pros: great for all skin types.

We hope that the above points are very useful in finding the right freeman facial clay masks for you. We have listed the freeman facial clay masks based on the customer ratings and reviews. You can use the one which gives you the best results.

Freeman Clay Masks- Are They Worth Purchasing?


The clay masks are the latest trend among the people, who look for skin rejuvenation in a natural way. There are more and more brands that manufacture clay masks. One among them is the freeman clay masks that are manufactured by the freeman company in different varieties.

Freeman Clay Masks

Freeman- Who Are They?

The freeman beauty company was started about 40 years ago. Since 1976, they have been marketing products that are useful for treating the skin from face to toe. Their products are usually formulated with proteins and amino acids.

Recently, they have launched face masks in the peel off forms, in an easy to carry sachets such that they can be used even during the travel. With their luxurious formula for slowing down aging and the essentials of the pedicure, the brand has been used widely by all the people irrespective of the gender.

What Do They Market?

They manufacture products that are a part of the daily skincare routine for men and women and market it as freeman feeling beautiful product. Feeling beautiful is well known for their products that are a blend of the organic botanical extracts that make the skin feel good and fresh. The freeman feeling beautiful clay masks are made with the newest and the purest ingredients that feel, smell good, and do good for the skin!

What Are The Benefits They Offer?

The freeman facial clay masks similar to the other clay masks help the skin with several benefits that include the following,

  • Unclogging of the pores
  • Oil control
  • Extract toxins
  • Exfoliation
  • Acne reduction
  • Maintaining skin tone, etc.

What Are The Two Best Freeman Clay Masks?

The brand sells one of the rewarding clay masks of the decade. A list of the best sellers includes the following,

1. Freeman Feeling Legendary 5-in-1 Total Control Clay Mask with Whiskey

It is a clay mask designed suitable for the men’s skin. They benefit in; absorbing the excess oil from the skin, removing blackheads, shrinking pores, reducing dryness, reducing skin irritation. The presence of the bentonite clay and the kaolin clay helps in effective absorption of the excess oil from the skin surface. The Rye extract and the willow bark help in pulling out the dirt from the pores. With the tea tree oil, the product achieves the reduction in the pore sizes. With the addition of coconut oil, the product helps in preventing the dryness and the reduction in irritation of the skin which is offered by the aloe vera.

Freeman Feeling Legendary 5-in-1 Total Control Clay Mask with Whiskey

Key features: for men, natural ingredients

Pros: Absorbs excess oil, reduces irritation, minimize the pore size.

2. Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask

The mask is designed especially for the removal of anti-stress mask. The mask contains bentonite and clay types to offer benefits. With these clays, they help in absorbing the excess oil and unclogging of the pores. As the Dead Sea minerals that they contain are rich in natural supplements, they are helpful to maintain the skin that is glowing. The presence of the sea salts helps in balancing the moisture content of the skin. For visible results, the product has to be used for at least two times a week.

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Key features: Dead Sea minerals, sea salts, a combination of two clays.

Pros: Reduction of the marks, unclogging of the pores, retains moisture.


To conclude, the freeman clay masks products are very useful and essential for treating the skin with its natural properties. We have listed only two products as a showcase of the products by the brand.

Apart from these two freeman clay masks product, there are several other useful products, which are equally beneficial in maintaining the glow of the skin. Consider doing a research on the availability of the products from the particular brand or simply refer to our articles on best freeman’s feeling beautiful clay masks to know the best product.


Freeman Avocado-Oatmeal Clay Mask Review

Freeman Avocado And Oatmeal Clay Mask

The freeman avocado-oatmeal clay mask is one of the best healing clay masks that suit the oily skin to draw out the impurities and dirt from the pores and thus leaving the skin to feel clean, smooth, and soft. It can be used up to three times a week as it does not constitute of any harmful, toxic ingredients. This type of mask is usually green in color and helps to soften the skin hardness and dryness. This clay mask tube is easily available all over the world which is less expensive to afford.

Freeman Avocado-Oatmeal Clay Mask

How To Use?

The freeman avocado-oatmeal clay mask have two major ingredients such as avocado and oatmeal, that are in the form of a powdery paste, to smooth and supple the dirt and oils out of the pores. This clay mask is rich in vitamin E and it suits for all kinds of skin and lasts the skin to remain softer for a long duration of time.

The packaging is small sized and hence, it can be easily carried during traveling. This rich nutrient freeman clay mask is applied to the face and neck region for half an hour. Dry and rinse it with warm water, to nourish the skin surface and use this mask two to three times a week. It is a rich creamy clay that masks over the skin surface, to remove the embedded oil content and dirt particles.

The freeman avocado-oatmeal clay mask consist of other major ingredients such as the bentonite clay, kaolin clay, avocado oil, and colloidal oatmeal. The bentonite and the kaolin clay help to absorb the oil content whereas, the oatmeal is used to calm down the redness. The avocado oil acts as a moisturizing agent. It is a gentle foaming cleanser, which efficiently treats the spots of skin breakages. Further, it is easy to spread and dries out quickly.

Benefits Of Freeman Avocado-Oatmeal Clay Mask

It leaves the skin soft, smooth, and clean after the usage of this clay mask. It does not dry out the skin to cause the skin breakages. This clay mask can be easily applied and removed with pure warm water.

The oatmeal powder is added with this product to absorb the excess oil thereby, helps to brighten the skin tone. This product smells with a pleasant fragrance to give a luxurious feel.

This clay mask is capable of absorbing the excess oil content from the skin surface. The bentonite clay used in this product helps to remove the oil, bacteria content and helps to calm down the skin breakages.

It acts like a coolant mask during the heat of the summer season. It keeps the skin in the balanced state to maintain the moist and softness of the skin. The avocado oil helps to nourish the skin surface and heal the skin damage over the surface.

This clay is derived from the USA and it helps to shrink the pores, remove the oil content, acne, scars, dirt, impurities and toxins out from the body. The kaolin clay stuffed in this mask helps to balance the excess oil content and to treat the acne formation.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Three Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Separate masks are available for face, hair,teeth. The indian healing clay mask recipes can be made very easily within a few seconds so that you can greatly save your golden time by purchasing the ingredients and preparing the mask effectively.

Three Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Apart from using the chemicals on your skin, you can try the natural ways to get rid of the skin problems. It provides many benefits to the people and it is considered as a natural homemade treatment. Below, we have suggested the Indian healing clay masks recipes to do it at your home.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Hair

It helps to improve the blood circulation and plays a good role, by removing the dead cells and helps in regenerating the new cells. The mask promotes the growth of hair by preventing the hair  loss.


The products used to make the mask are bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, water, castor oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.

How To Prepare The Mask?

Take a bowl, add some clay, and mix it with the oils. Then, add the apple cider vinegar into it. Before adding the water, allow the mixture to foam for some minutes and mix it with water.  Stir the combination completely until it becomes smooth.

How To Apply The Mask?

Apply the mask from the root to the end of the hair. Make sure that while applying the mask your hair needs to be clean and wet. You should evenly cover all portions of the hair without leaving any space.

If you notice that the hair has attained the dried state while applying the mask, you should spray the hair to keep the hair damp.  After applying the mask, cover the hair with a plastic bag or use the hooded dryer to provide the additional benefits to the hair.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Face

It  helps to improve the tone of the face and provides a great shine to the skin. The mask plays  a good role in providing relief to the people suffering from the skin related disorders. The mask gifts a  clear  face to you.


The products used to make the clay masks are Aztec  clay or bentonite clay , apple cider vinegar, and water.

How To Prepare  The Mask?

Mix the powder of Indian healing  clay with water.  Add some of the apple cider vinegar into it.  Stir the mixture  until it  becomes  soft.

How To Apply  The Mask?

Apply the mask on the face and in the neck with your fingers or with the cotton ball. Then leave it for some time until it gets dried. Then remove the mask with warm water, with the help of the soaked cloth.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Tooth

The mask is used to whiten  the teeth.


The ingredients used to make the mask are Indian healing clay, activated charcoal, baking soda, organic essential oils and  stevia powder.

How To Prepare  The Mask?

Initially, mix the clay with charcoal and baking soda. In this mixture, you can also add essential oils. Finally, add some stevia powder into it.

Mix all the products in  a plastic utensil. Make sure that you do not combine the mask in a metal vessel as it makes the clay lose its effectiveness. Leave the combination for some minutes.  At last, you can use the mask.

How To Apply  The Mask?

Tap the brush into the powder and brush your teeth.  For additional whitening, you can leave the powder to stay in the teeth for some intervals after  brushing. Then rinse it well with water.    

Our Recommendations

It is advisable that the mask should be avoided from applying on the sensitive areas of the skin. Do not allow the mask to get in direct contact with the eyes. It must be used externally.  People need to discontinue the usage of the mask if it seems to produce any adverse reactions.