Botanics Clay Mask- Benefits And Best Picks

Botanic Clay Mask

The Botanics clay mask is one of the additional gifts provided to the body to drive away all the impurities, dullness, turning, tired skin and wrinkles. It helps to heal the skin breakage present on the surface of the skin.

Most of the cleansing mask tend to create the dry condition on the skin surface due to the lack of mineral content in the products. This botanic clay mask consists of lots of rich mineral content which act like a magnet due to the presence of the negative ionic charges.

The negative ionic charge present over this product further help to get rid of the deep impurities present on the root of the skin.

Botanics Clay Mask

The Botanics clay mask constitutes lot of hydrating and oil absorbing features that helps to remove the impurities by leaving the skin surface soft, smooth, and clean. Treating the skin with the Botanics clay mask product helps to clarify the face.

This clay mask product is specially designed to suit all kinds of skin types such as normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. This product comes out with the pleasant fragrance without any additives of allergic chemical that causes itching and irritations.

Benefits Of The Botanics Clay Mask

  • The main ingredient used in the boots botanic ionic clay mask is the willow bark which is considered as the natural clarifying agent. The willow bark consists of the natural source of the salicylic acid which helps to refine the texture of the skin and works well with the imperfection of the skin surface.
  • It is the effective skin care solution which helps to regimen the total beauty of the body.
  • This product consists of the extracts from the ten different natural plants which are free from the paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, and the paraffin waxes.
  • It actively removes the impurities and excess oil secretion on the skin surface, which further helps the skin to remain soft and clean.
  • This product provides the correct texture over the skin surface thereby, deep cleanses the oil and impurities without drying the skin.

Best Botanics Clay Mask

The best botanics clay mask include the following,

Botanics Ionic Shine Away Clay Masking

The botanic shine away ionic clay mask is one of the powerful products to drive away the deep rooted impurities out of the skin surface. This product is stuffed with the small molecular sized clay to safeguard the skin surface thereby, leaving the skin smooth and look younger.

This ionic clay does not consist of any harmful irritating material stuffed in the tube form. This ionic clay acts as the vacuum cleaner for removing the impurities out of the skin surface. The ingredient used in this product are well qualified and cost expensive.

It is one of the best facial masks derived from the USA for the oily skin type, to absorb excess oil.

Botanics Ionic Shine Away Clay Masking

Key features – ionic clay mask, deep rooted impurity, skin care mask treatment.

Pros – removes excess oil, acts as vacuum cleaner, expensive product.

Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Pink Clay Masking

This clay mask product is derived efficiently from the left ancient volcanic ash that helps to absorb the excess sebum secretion and make the pores to tighten over the skin. The Bonvivant botanical mellow pink clay mask is fully concentrated with the excess sebum absorption and the driving capability of impurities from the large pores.

It helps to solve the irritation problem caused due to the sebum creation which can be further treated with the rich content of hydration. This product consists of the fine particles that give the cool effect to make the skin feel soft and clean.

Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Pink Clay Masking

Key features – mellow pink clay, sebum secretion and cool effect.

Pros – soften skin, clean texture of skin and drives out impurities.

Boots Botanics Clay Mask Conditioning 

This boots botanics clay mask helps to treat the skin for the deep cleansing. It constitutes the powerful ingredients such as Sea Silt, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxyl Methyl Glycinate, Salix Nigra Bark and Active Plant Extract, which are used to absorb the excess oil formation and the impurities.

Gently, apply this mask over the cleaned skin and leave it for about 15 minutes. Do not apply the mask in contact with the eyes and completely rinse the dry mask applied over the face. Repeat this process once in a week to achieve the glowing skin without excess oil and other impurities.

This facial mask is well suited with the normal skin and the oily skin and is free of fragrance and allergic reactions. This product does not produce any irritation and it helps to deep cleanse the pores created over the skin.

The hydrating effect of this mask helps to leave the skin surface feel smooth, soft, and clean. The product consists of the dynamic range of the mineral content with the negative electrical charged ions to draw the deep rooted impurities out from the skin.

Boots Botanics Clay Mask Conditioning

Key features – sea silt, deep cleansing, sodium hydroxyl methyl glycinate, salix nigra bark.

Pros – includes active plant extract, clean skin surface, drive away the impurities.

These are the best Botanics clay masks. Purchase one according to your needs and write to us about its efficiency.