How to Choose the Right Clay Mask for Your Skin Type


The clay is one of the natural substances which present on the silicates of the earth and it contains many minerals, nutrients, trace elements etc. If you apply the layer of clay over the skin, then it will absorb all the impurities, toxins and excess oil from your skin. It helps to increase the skin’s elasticity, improves circulation, exfoliate the dead cells and much more.


There are many clays are stocked in the beauty shelves and it is difficult to identify the best one for your skin type. The formulation and compositions of ingredients are different for each product under the category clay mask. The right clay for your skin type helps to cleanse the blocked pores without leaving your skin dry.

The Clay Mask for Different Skin Type

When you apply the face mask it will nourish your skin by injecting the powerful ingredients deep into the cells whether it is a homemade or readymade clay mask. First, you have to find the skin type and choose the product accordingly so that you can get the good result. In this article, you can get more idea about how to select the clay mask for your skin type.

1) A Clay Mask for Oily Skin

The goal of the clay mask which is specially made for the oily skin should remove excess oil from the skin and it helps to maintain the skin’s texture. Usually, people with oily skin contain many blocked pores and the right clay mask definitely pulls out all the dirt.

The white clay is best for oily skin and it includes minerals such as magnesium, Calcium, Silica and Zinc. It helps in removing allergens from the skin because it has disinfectant properties and reduces all the infections.

The green clay also does wonders for oily skin it removes and balances the oil of your skin. Take the requires amount of clay in the non-metallic bowl then mix it with the water and try to add few drops of rose water to achieve the best result.

2) A Clay Mask for Normal Skin

It is difficult to find the perfect product for the normal skin and the mixture of the ingredients should light without much drying or moisturizing agents. For the combination skin, you can include additional products like honey and turmeric to the mixture in order to get the effective result.

The yellow clay is the best for this type of skin and it provides more health benefits same as that of other wonderful clays. The unique property of this is that it has mild exfoliation benefits for removing the damaged cells and restores the nutrients into the skin.

3) A Clay Mask for Dry Skin

It is important to apply mask regularly for the dry skin problem and the perfect clay helps in enhancing the texture of the tissue. After using the moisturizing product, you can see the flaky skin cells at the end of the day, so it is necessary to use the clay mask to nourish your skin. The mixture should act as the effective moisturizer and it also helps to provide hydration.

The negative charge of the bentonite clay absorbs all the toxins and it improves the overall health of the skin. This clay contains magnesium which is one of the amazing ingredients for healing the infections, burns and cuts. Try to add a few drops of moisturizing oil to the mixture before applying it over the face and it will prevent your skin from getting dry.

Prepare Your Skin before Applying a Clay Mask

Try to follow the below three steps for preparing your skin before using the clay and to get the fresh looking skin.

Step 1: Remove Make-Up

If you are going to apply the clay mask, then it is necessary to clean your face remove your makeup using some oil. It helps in regulating the secretion of sebum from the skin and the essential fatty acid helps to nourish the skin. Then after few minutes, wash your face with the warm water.

Step 2: Cleanse

To eliminate the residue of pollutants, allergens or oil cleanse your face with the cleansing agent. Dip the cotton wool on the cleanser or milk and apply it gently over the face in circular motion. Then wash it off with the water.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Once you cleanse your face, apply the scrub and distribute it using the circular movement to remove all the damaged or dead cells. The clear skin helps in penetrating the nutrients which is present in the clay.

Now, your skin is ready for applying your favorite clay mask.

Bottom Line

The different types of clay offer different benefits for your skin and it is important to know the purpose of each clay mask before choosing the right product for your skin. Don’t forget to share your feedback through the comment section below.