Freeman Clay Masks- Are They Worth Purchasing?


The clay masks are the latest trend among the people, who look for skin rejuvenation in a natural way. There are more and more brands that manufacture clay masks. One among them is the freeman clay masks that are manufactured by the freeman company in different varieties.

Freeman Clay Masks

Freeman- Who Are They?

The freeman beauty company was started about 40 years ago. Since 1976, they have been marketing products that are useful for treating the skin from face to toe. Their products are usually formulated with proteins and amino acids.

Recently, they have launched face masks in the peel off forms, in an easy to carry sachets such that they can be used even during the travel. With their luxurious formula for slowing down aging and the essentials of the pedicure, the brand has been used widely by all the people irrespective of the gender.

What Do They Market?

They manufacture products that are a part of the daily skincare routine for men and women and market it as freeman feeling beautiful product. Feeling beautiful is well known for their products that are a blend of the organic botanical extracts that make the skin feel good and fresh. The freeman feeling beautiful clay masks are made with the newest and the purest ingredients that feel, smell good, and do good for the skin!

What Are The Benefits They Offer?

The freeman facial clay masks similar to the other clay masks help the skin with several benefits that include the following,

  • Unclogging of the pores
  • Oil control
  • Extract toxins
  • Exfoliation
  • Acne reduction
  • Maintaining skin tone, etc.

What Are The Two Best Freeman Clay Masks?

The brand sells one of the rewarding clay masks of the decade. A list of the best sellers includes the following,

1. Freeman Feeling Legendary 5-in-1 Total Control Clay Mask with Whiskey

It is a clay mask designed suitable for the men’s skin. They benefit in; absorbing the excess oil from the skin, removing blackheads, shrinking pores, reducing dryness, reducing skin irritation. The presence of the bentonite clay and the kaolin clay helps in effective absorption of the excess oil from the skin surface. The Rye extract and the willow bark help in pulling out the dirt from the pores. With the tea tree oil, the product achieves the reduction in the pore sizes. With the addition of coconut oil, the product helps in preventing the dryness and the reduction in irritation of the skin which is offered by the aloe vera.

Freeman Feeling Legendary 5-in-1 Total Control Clay Mask with Whiskey

Key features: for men, natural ingredients

Pros: Absorbs excess oil, reduces irritation, minimize the pore size.

2. Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask

The mask is designed especially for the removal of anti-stress mask. The mask contains bentonite and clay types to offer benefits. With these clays, they help in absorbing the excess oil and unclogging of the pores. As the Dead Sea minerals that they contain are rich in natural supplements, they are helpful to maintain the skin that is glowing. The presence of the sea salts helps in balancing the moisture content of the skin. For visible results, the product has to be used for at least two times a week.

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Key features: Dead Sea minerals, sea salts, a combination of two clays.

Pros: Reduction of the marks, unclogging of the pores, retains moisture.


To conclude, the freeman clay masks products are very useful and essential for treating the skin with its natural properties. We have listed only two products as a showcase of the products by the brand.

Apart from these two freeman clay masks product, there are several other useful products, which are equally beneficial in maintaining the glow of the skin. Consider doing a research on the availability of the products from the particular brand or simply refer to our articles on best freeman’s feeling beautiful clay masks to know the best product.