Glacial Clay Mask-Uses And Benefits

Glacial Clay Mask-Uses And Benefits

The glacial clay mask contains many natural minerals along with essential nutrients, which are used to create a superior clay mask for the skin. The mask penetrates into the skin and supplies the vital products to the skin, to get rid of the pores and other skin problems. Apart from these, it provides many  benefits  to the people. It acts as a detoxifying clay mask and moisturizing agent to relieve people from many skin related disorders.

Glacial Clay Mask-Uses And Benefits

Mix the mask  with the natural ingredients  like aloe vera, green tea, licorice root, vitamin B3  and  vitamin E, to  provide  a soft  and  smooth skin to the people.

How To Apply The Mask?

Apply the mask over the skin.  You can use any spatula or brush to remove the clay from the jar.  It is advisable to avoid cleansing the skin before using the mask.  Initially, you can feel a cooling effect and then a warming effect. Leave the mask for a while until it gets dried. Then wash off the mask with warm water and then pat the mask with the wet cloth.

How Often Should You Use The Mask?

Basically, the beginners hesitate to use the mask for the first time.  It is recommended to apply the mask for once in a week. Within a week, you can realize that it seems to produce the best results.  If it suits your skin, you can try using the mask twice or thrice a week.

Benefits Of Glacial Clay Mask

It supplies the gel beneath the skin and gives a superior performance by eliminating the impurities from the skin. Thus, it cleans the face and acts as a detoxifier agent. The mask has rich sources of minerals to supply enough amounts of minerals to the skin.

Besides, it provides rich nutrients to nourish the skin.  The marine phytoplankton is used to give essential nutrients to the skin.  The glacial clay mask consists of nearly 30 beneficial minerals, which help to keep the skin fresh always.

It offers best results for all types of skin. The mask can be used by oily, dry, and sensitive skin people and play an essential role in reducing the greasiness. The mask is used to treat acne, scar, blackheads, pimples, and psoriasis. It provides a young look to the people.

The mask helps to improve the circulation of blood so that it has the capacity to remove the dead cells and regenerate the new cells. Thus, it gives a radiant glow to the skin.

The mask supplies the sufficient amount of moisture to the skin. So, it keeps your skin hydrated and away from the dry skin. It helps in lowering the heat of the skin.

Our recommendations

Avoid using the mask on the sensitive areas of the skin. Do not apply the mask in contact with the direct eyes and in the open wounds unless it produces irritations to the skin and  causes severe  damages to it.