Bentonite Clay Mask For Hair- Application Tips

How to Mask the Bentonite Clay over the Hair

The Bentonite clay mask for hair works efficiently in growing the hair. It is derived from the ancient form of natural volcanic ash. This powerful clay material consists of the negative ionic charges to get rid of the impurities and dandruff from the scalp and the hair region.

It is safe and highly recommended to use both externally and internally to remove the heavy metals from the body. The Bentonite clay constitutes the mineral contents such as sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium, to provide rich nutrients to the scalp region and drive away the toxins out from the hair.

Bentonite Clay mask for Hair

Different methods of hair masking with Bentonite clay

The Bentonite clay mask for hair is a natural product and can be directly applied on the hair to remove dandruff and impurities. This clay shows marvelous healing effect, beautifying factors, good thermal ability, and capacity to absorb the impurity molecules out of the hair.

It mainly helps to remove the dead cells on the scalp and it helps to detoxify the toxins settled in the hair. It constitutes the ability to regain the minerals back to the hair, to make it grow faster and healthier.

In the simple Bentonite clay hair masking, it works well in improving the length of the hair. Mix three to six spoons of Bentonite clay powder with enough water and yogurt in anon-metallic bowl depending upon the density of the hair present.

Blend the mixture well and leave it for an hour. Apply it gently over the scalp region and rinse it well with the water. This simple masking helps to remove dandruff and improve the hair quality.

In the Homemade Bentonite clay hair masking, use the mixture of half cup of sodium Bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, one cup of brewed herbal tea, and one spoon of essential oil and apply this mixture over the scalp and hair region, to boost the hair growth thereby, removing the itching and reddish colored rashes from the scalp area.

For the anti-hair loss treatment, use the mixture of half spoon Bentonite clay, yogurt, two spoons of quinine water, and rosemary oil in the scalp region and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse it well with water.

Bentonite Clay Mask For Hair- Steps to apply

This clay mask helps to overcome the problem of poor hair growth, hair falling, and breakages. This mask acts as a weapon to clean and remove the impurity deposition on the hair.

It helps to clarify and prevent the hair loss thereby, recreate the hair growth with smooth and silky effect. This natural clay hair mask is best to create the healthier hair for different hair types such as oily hair, dandruff hair, and thin hair. The applying procedure for the Bentonite clay is described as below.

  • First wet the hair with warm distilled water in the shower and then apply the mixture of clay over the hair.
  • Massage well on the roots and the hair tips.
  • Make sure to leave it for about five minutes.
  • Rinse well with water completely because the clay stay hardly over the hair and dry the hair with the towel.

Following this will give you a healthy hair in few weeks.