Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Three Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Separate masks are available for face, hair,teeth. The indian healing clay mask recipes can be made very easily within a few seconds so that you can greatly save your golden time by purchasing the ingredients and preparing the mask effectively.

Three Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes

Apart from using the chemicals on your skin, you can try the natural ways to get rid of the skin problems. It provides many benefits to the people and it is considered as a natural homemade treatment. Below, we have suggested the Indian healing clay masks recipes to do it at your home.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Hair

It helps to improve the blood circulation and plays a good role, by removing the dead cells and helps in regenerating the new cells. The mask promotes the growth of hair by preventing the hair  loss.


The products used to make the mask are bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, water, castor oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.

How To Prepare The Mask?

Take a bowl, add some clay, and mix it with the oils. Then, add the apple cider vinegar into it. Before adding the water, allow the mixture to foam for some minutes and mix it with water.  Stir the combination completely until it becomes smooth.

How To Apply The Mask?

Apply the mask from the root to the end of the hair. Make sure that while applying the mask your hair needs to be clean and wet. You should evenly cover all portions of the hair without leaving any space.

If you notice that the hair has attained the dried state while applying the mask, you should spray the hair to keep the hair damp.  After applying the mask, cover the hair with a plastic bag or use the hooded dryer to provide the additional benefits to the hair.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Face

It  helps to improve the tone of the face and provides a great shine to the skin. The mask plays  a good role in providing relief to the people suffering from the skin related disorders. The mask gifts a  clear  face to you.


The products used to make the clay masks are Aztec  clay or bentonite clay , apple cider vinegar, and water.

How To Prepare  The Mask?

Mix the powder of Indian healing  clay with water.  Add some of the apple cider vinegar into it.  Stir the mixture  until it  becomes  soft.

How To Apply  The Mask?

Apply the mask on the face and in the neck with your fingers or with the cotton ball. Then leave it for some time until it gets dried. Then remove the mask with warm water, with the help of the soaked cloth.

Indian Healing Clay Mask Recipes For Tooth

The mask is used to whiten  the teeth.


The ingredients used to make the mask are Indian healing clay, activated charcoal, baking soda, organic essential oils and  stevia powder.

How To Prepare  The Mask?

Initially, mix the clay with charcoal and baking soda. In this mixture, you can also add essential oils. Finally, add some stevia powder into it.

Mix all the products in  a plastic utensil. Make sure that you do not combine the mask in a metal vessel as it makes the clay lose its effectiveness. Leave the combination for some minutes.  At last, you can use the mask.

How To Apply  The Mask?

Tap the brush into the powder and brush your teeth.  For additional whitening, you can leave the powder to stay in the teeth for some intervals after  brushing. Then rinse it well with water.    

Our Recommendations

It is advisable that the mask should be avoided from applying on the sensitive areas of the skin. Do not allow the mask to get in direct contact with the eyes. It must be used externally.  People need to discontinue the usage of the mask if it seems to produce any adverse reactions.