White Clay Mask- A Universal Homemade Mask


The white kaolin clay which is also known as the China clay or the white clay is obtained from the weathering of the rocks. This white clay mask does not remove the oil from the skin and thus leaves the skin moist and hydrated. Hence, it can be used on all types of skin. It is the mildest among all the other cosmetic clays available.

White Clay Mask- A Universal Homemade Mask For Skin

What Are The Benefits Of The White Cosmetic Clay?

In general, the kaolin clay is beneficial for skin care. They have been used since the ancient times to get a glowing face. This clay that is rich in silicon and aluminum silicate has many useful benefits and uses. They include the following,

  • With its properties, the white clay helps in exfoliation and gentle cleansing of the facial skin which in turn result in the increased blood circulation of the skin. They are hence used in the facial scrub and cleansers to offer better results. With the exfoliation, they help in remineralization of the epidermis.
  • The white clay helps in deep cleansing of the pores by closing the pores and shrinking them and hence the skin gets refined in structure.
  • In general, the clay is said to absorb the excess oil leaving the skin dry, so the people with sensitive skin and dry skin omit using the clay. But, as a contradiction, the white clay does not remove the oil from the skin completely, they help in maintaining the moisture content of the skin and hence is considered suitable for all types of skin.
  • When applied externally, they help in boosting the minerals and act in such a way to obtain a wrinkle free skin.
  • They are also safe and easy to be made at home.

Do They Have Any Medicinal Value?

Yes, they do. Apart from the above benefits, they also have medicinal values. The primary medicinal value is that they are effective in reducing the fermentation that occurs deep inside the body and acts to remove the toxins present in the intestine by absorbing the toxic bacteria and viruses that live in the digestive system of the body. They help in maintaining the pH and acidity thereby helping in protecting the person against the gastric problems. They are also effective in protecting the mucous lining of the mucous membranes which in turn reduces the inflammation.

How To Prepare The White Clay Mask?

As it is a universal clay mask, it can be used on all skin types. Here, we have featured the method of preparing the white clay mask in general and for sensitive skin types.

Preparing A White Clay Mask

In general, the white clay mask can be prepared by following the simple steps. Begin by purchasing white clay at the stores, take about 2 tablespoons of clay in a bowl and mix it with 2 teaspoons of distilled water. With the help of the facial brush, apply it over the face, and leave it to rest for up to 20 minutes. Finally, remove the mask using a soft cloth dipped in warm water and tap it dry followed by the application of the toner.

For Sensitive Skin

For those who have a sensitive skin, the white clay mask can be prepared by taking 3 tablespoons of white clay along with 2 tablespoons of lavender flowers or chamomile flowers and half a cup of oatmeal. Mix all these things together by grinding the flowers to form a fine powder. It has to be then combined using water, honey or herbal water and then applied over the skin. After a 20 minutes time, it has to be removed with the help of the warm water followed by the application of toner.

These are the various benefits and uses of the white clay mask. And by following the steps of preparation above, get a glowing skin in a natural way.  If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.